Komodo for Education

Effortless video recording for seamless education

Teachers record lectures or supplemental content. Students record assignments and updates. And it's all shared via few clicks.
Komodo empowers educators to engage students in and out of the classroom.

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How to best use
Komodo for Education

Komodo makes creating engaging presentations simple. You don't need any video editing sills to get professional presentations! You can also customize elements - like adding your logo, favicon, or company colors - to brand each of your presentations.


Record your screen via the Komodo chrome extension or app on any device and you're set. if you're unhappy with the outcome, create another one - you have unlimited video storage space.


Once you're recording is ready, go to the video editor and make any changes you wish. The editing process is intuitive and you'll understand what you need to do if you give it a try.


When your presentation is ready, simply send people a link or create a unique folder with your other presentations and grant access to those that need to see it

Organize and deliver course materials

You can organize your courses into as many subfolders as you need. Each subfolder can include the relevant videos and you control who access to the folders. If you only need to send out a single video, then share it via a link, while limiting access to your other videos.

Custom domains & more

Create a custom domain for your company and as many folders or subfolders as you need. You can organize your video materials as you like and share the folders with people that need to see your presentations. Your custom domain can (and should) include your business name so that everything you share is always on-brand

Embed your videos

Make your presentations visible to everyone by embedding your videos into other pages. The presentations will be hosted at the custom domain your create and you can embed them in any webpage you like. Simply enter the embed HTML code you get at a specific point on a page and let your presentations be playable with a simple click.
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I just love it, so easy to use and works every time! I can easily and quickly record a video, put it in a folder, and share with my team. Love it!

Answering some of your common questions

How is it possible to offer unlimited free recording?

We wrote more about this in our blog post, but the short answer is that we're able to offer this because there has been substantial cost decline in storage and bandwidth. New companies in the cloud have been able to deliver cost savings. We want to pass these savings to our users.

What is the reason to upgrade to a premium plan?

The premium plan offers a higher resolution recording option. There are also many premium features such as direct uploads, folder management, team collaboration and many others listed in our pricing comparison page.

Who owns my videos?

All of the content created by you on our platform is solely yours. You have the option to download and remove it at any time.

Is there video editing functionality?

Yes! Currently we offer this in the Mac app which is transcript based video editing. We're working on bringing these features directly to the browser.

Are analytics available to see who watched my videos?

Yes. Analytics are visible for every video. If the viewer has a Komodo Account, you'll be able to see who viewed your video. Also you'll be able to see duration of the video watched.

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